1410819005A creative soul, I love to combine two of my passions; art and baking in Emoticakes. As a child, my mother baked regularly, and we always had fresh cakes and cookies in our house. She took a cake decorating class when I was a toddler, and made celebration cakes for my sister and me.

As a child, I used my Easy-bake oven to bake for my father and when I reached my teen years, it was only natural that I’d experiment with baking in my parents’ kitchen.  I made many celebration cakes for my family, learning something from each experience. Later, after leaving my job teaching Middle School Math to stay home with my children, I decided to pursue baking as a career. I started a home based business, and began making celebration cakes for others. Emoticakes operates out of a commercial kitchen in my residence.

The timing was perfect, as my husband and I were developing an interest in all things athletic. Now, I could get my baking fix baking for people’s celebration cakes instead of our every day indulgences. We’ve since become avid runners, and we both blog about our races and experiences. We’ve moved from back of the pack runners, to the occasional age group win over the years. Read more about Scott’s running and my running.

I look forward to baking your next celebration cake, or teaching you something about baking that you didn’t know before your visit to my site. I bake cakes in and around Ithaca and Trumansburg New York but will deliver to locations beyond these areas.

Interested in cookies?

holiday-cookiesCookies are perfect as favors for a birthday party, delicious treats for a wedding, or just to enjoy with your family. I offer platters of cookies or individually wrapped custom cookies that you can use for favors for anything. My made to order cookies are also available for shipping.

If you are making your own cupcakes or cake, I also make cupcake toppers or special adornments for cakes. *These may also be shipped.

Display Rentals

I have several display options available for you to rent. The pictures below are examples of the displays that are available for rent. These include a custom made wooden cupcake stand by my father-in-law, individual platters, an acrylic cupcake stand, a modern metal stand and large styrofoam pieces that may be covered in any material you desire. Rental price ranges from $5-$25.

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