How to: A Stack of Books Cake

A Stack of Books

This is a tutorial for making a stack of books cake. This particular cake is a wedding cake! The couple had some fun titles and loved the idea of a stack of 3 books for their wedding.

Preparing the Cakes

The first step for making a stack of books from cake is to bake the cakes. The bride and I agreed that the books would range from 2-3 inches in height and be somewhere between 8×10 and 11×13 in size. The bottom book would be the largest and they’d get slightly smaller as they went up. I settled on 12x10x2.75 for the bottom book, 9x11x2.5 for the middle book and 8x10x2 for the top book. Because you need to measure to cover the books with fondant, it is important to determine the sizes in advance. Continue reading

Terraria Cake – A How to Guide

As a baker, I try to stay relatively aware of the latest trends for video games, toys and cartoons. But, as much as I try, sometimes I get asked to do something that I haven’t heard of. Fortunately, in today’s world, getting educated on the topic is made easy using a Google search. This winter my challenge was a Terraria cake for a boy who loves to play the game!

His mom sent me some inspiration cake pictures and we talked about how many people would need to be served, a price range and flavor. After looking at the Terraria cake pictures, I drew a picture for her to mock up how we’d merge the aspects of the various inspiration pictures and hit the price range and number of servings that his party required.

Continue reading

Fourth of July Flag Cake!


As we approach our country’s birthday celebration, and you consider making something special to celebrate the weekend, this flag cake is a great way to add some patriotic spirit to your backyard gathering.

I made this cake for two boys celebrating their birthdays together. Their mom wanted it to be patriotic with an American flag. I thought it would be cool if the flag were removable and if it had some wave to it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow explains the steps, but these few tips will help you make your own.

  • A 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste keeps the material workable but will allow it to harden enough to keep its wave on the cake.
  • Roll out both the red and the white and keep them covered. Then, using a pastry cutter, cut a strip of red followed by a strip of white and lay them very close together on parchment paper. Keep going until you have the desired number of strips. Do not roll out and cut all the reds and whites and then put them together as they will dry enough that they won’t easily stick to each other.
  • Once all of your strips are next to each other, lightly roll over them with a rolling pin to help them set up.
  • Color a piece of fondant navy blue and lay your cut out stars on this. Again, it is important to work quickly so that the stars adhere. You may also use a bit of royal icing to adhere the stars.
  • Lay the blue rectangle on the top of the flag.

Once all these steps are complete, gently slide 3 rolling pins underneath your flag. You do not need to move the flag, just slide them under. Allow to harden overnight.

Bake and frost your cake and then you can carefully transfer your flag to the cake top.

Happy Fourth of July!

Waterfall Wedding Cake

Last fall Jen and Eric reached out for a wedding cake tasting. Red velvet is their favorite, so I prepared a small red velvet cake for them to taste while we talked about their upcoming wedding. They had a lot of fun feeding each other cake and sharing their wedding plans.

As Ithaca residents, they love the Finger Lake region and they really liked the idea of having a cake with a waterfall theme. As we talked, they shared some pictures that illustrated what they were looking for *these are cake pictures they found online, used for inspiration purposes. Continue reading

Blending Cultures: A Tale of Two Weddings

June 4, 2016

IMG_6380Kim and Mohammad first reached out to me almost exactly a year before their wedding! We scheduled a tasting for September and we began to plan their wedding cake. I was so intrigued to learn that they were going to hold a traditional American wedding in the Finger Lakes region at Fontainebleau Inn on Saturday and then follow it with a traditional Indian wedding in the greater Syracuse area the next day. They had given great thought to honoring their two cultures and blending their families. Continue reading

8th Grade Cake Decorating Challenge

img_3869Each year, the 8th grade students from Trumansburg enjoy a class trip to Washington DC. There are always some students who stay behind, whether it is for dance recitals, track IACs, or a myriad of other reasons. So, the teachers that don’t go on the trip as chaperones at Russell I Doig Middle school make sure to plan some fun activities back at school!

Our first day we started out with cake decorating. It wasn’t exactly a challenge but more of an opportunity to create. We had some time pressure and several joked that it was like “Cupcake Wars” but we weren’t voting on a best cake, or even giving any rules to the groups. Continue reading

Making Marcella’s 1st Birthday Cake

A first birthday is such an exciting milestone! Parents are thrilled to invite their friends, family and of course the baby’s friends! I recently had the opportunity to bake for 1 year old Marcella and her family. They wanted a colorful cake that featured musical instruments and gum balls for fun color accents. The party was planned at a local store called Jillian’s Drawers in Ithaca, NY. It would be a fun gathering of parents, babies and friends.

Marcella’s parents hoped to have the cake colored pink and green INSIDE and outside.


The cakes are ready to bake. For Marcella’s cake we used a 6″ cake and a 9″ cake. Continue reading

Rustic Wedding Cake


A wedding is a huge milestone in life and the wedding cake provides an opportunity for a couple to design something perfect for them.

IMG_5329This summer I met with a couple for whom the date they met was very important. They scheduled their wedding for the same date they met and they wanted to incorporate this in their topper if possible. They were having a very small, intimate wedding for just close friends and family at Silver Queen Farm, and they wanted their cake to have some presence and they wanted enough cake to save some for their first anniversary!

The wedding was a fall wedding in a rustic setting, so we determined that pumpkin and spice would be perfect. Cream cheese filling paired beautifully with both flavors and a delicious buttercream exterior completed the cake. Continue reading

How to Cut Perfect Brownies

Every time I bake for my family, the kids come running to scope out what wonderful sweet treat is available for them. My 12 year old son scans the platter carefully, looking for the largest pieces of anything available.

I bake for Good to Go, a great natural eatery and grocery store in Trumansburg, and one of the offerings is gluten-free brownies. Naturally, I need to make sure that all of the brownies are the same size for the customers.  Continue reading

Need Another Excuse to Eat Delicious Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies?


Here in the United States, there are all kinds of “national days,” and I found many that focus on food. As a delicious public service, here’s a roundup of the special days for which cake, cupcakes or cookies will fit the bill nicely. Want to be a hero in your home or workplace? Place an order with Emoticakes in the spirit of any of these delicious days! Continue reading