Time to Disco

This summer I had the opportunity to make a disco ball cake and cupcakes for a party! This was my first time using the ball pan to make a complete ball. For this fun cake, I got to break out the airbrush, work with lots of great sprinkles and use fondant.

This cake was for a 60th birthday party. As part of the party plan, I made cupcakes to serve most of the people. The disco ball was only a small part of the overall cake. To make the cupcake toppers, you’ll also need an airbrush, a stencil, circle cutter, and several colors of fondant. For the cupcake toppers, roll out your fondant and cut circles. Then, using a stencil and an airbrush, airbrush onto the circles. Allow to dry until they are hard enough to hold their shape on the cupcakes. I’ve detailed the steps in pictures and in writing below the composite of pictures.

When you are ready to make your disco ball, follow these steps:

  1. Bake your cake in the Wilton ball pan. Make sure to prepare  your pan by spraying with Pam for baking, or greasing and flouring. This will allow for a completely smooth release, making covering with fondant quick and easy. Allow to cool, then use Buttercream to connect the 2 pieces.
  2. Lightly frost the exterior of the cake with buttercream, then roll out fondant to cover the cake.
  3. Trim the fondant to form a smooth edge around the bottom of the cake.
  4. Using an airbrush with edible color, airbrush the fondant. If you don’t have an airbrush you may use Wilton’s color mist. This allows you to have some of the base color peeking through without it looking unfinished. Alternatively, you may plan to cover every portion of your ball and skip this step.
  5. Roll out your first color of fondant. While it is still very soft, press sprinkles into the fondant. Cut into squares.
  6. Place tiles on the disco ball. If you have worked quickly, the fondant tiles should stick to the ball. If they are having trouble sticking, use sugar glue, icing or lightly brush the back of each tile with water so that it will stick.
  7. Repeat with additional colors.
  8. Repeat until you have finished using all the colors you planned to use.
  9. Now your disco ball is finished and ready to show!

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