Tiara Cake

A lot of little girls have princess parties. Castles and cakes that look like a princess are my most common cake request for the pre-school girl set. Several months ago I received a call from a woman who was hosting a princess party. The interesting part: her daughter didn’t like princesses at all but it was the best theme choice at the bounce place.

Her mother shared that each little girl would receive a golden tiara and I suddenly had the perfect idea for the cake: an edible tiara and wand on the top of the cake. Her mom was thrilled! I’d design the tiara to be similar to the party favors and enjoy working with gum paste.

I’d also get to use my airbrush that seldom sees the light of day and have some fun designing. Her mom had her own favorite cake recipe, a family favorite, and I used that along with her favorite frosting. Since that cake there have been several other tiara requests for the identical cake. I’m looking forward to a request for a similar cake where I can break out the silver!

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