Sushi Cupcake Toppers

One of the best things about making cupcakes is the opportunity to make great cupcake toppers! My daughter, Elizabeth, works for me at Emoticakes. She’s been watching me bake since she was a little girl and she’s a quick study. When there are work opportunities, I often give her an option. I’ll start with, “Do you want a creative job or a baking job?” She almost always answers, “Creative!”

She start with decorating was when she entered our local library Storybake contest a few years ago. She entered a cake with a design for one of her favorite childhood books, Little Quack. I remember watching her decorate and thinking that there is a huge case to be made for apprenticeship. Read about her cake decorating process and see her awesome cake!

“Let’s Talk Sushi”

I received the request for sushi cupcakes just as I was heading out of town for a long weekend. It was perfect timing, as I’d have car time to think about what we could do. I told my potential customer I’d get back to her with some ideas when I returned from my trip. I must confess that I don’t like sushi. I think it is beautiful, but because I don’t care for the taste of nori I can’t really even enjoy California Rolls (though I have tasted them). I do think it is beautiful though, and was really excited to make cupcake toppers.


Our world is so visual and so connected. It is easy to find things you like (and don’t like) online in a short time! I searched online and found so many pictures of sushi sweet edibles. These pictures were our finalists for inspiration. Elizabeth and I agreed that we’d have 4 varieties so there would be 6 of each type in the batch. We also thought the fondant base that they were all sitting on was lovely, but we didn’t want the cupcakes to have a fondant base and the frosting. We decided to use fondant sushi with frosting underneath. Lastly, the cupcake with 4 mini sushi on the top of a leaf and a table was super cute, but it was too complicated for our tastes. Still, it made the final four because it was just fun to look at!


Time to Make the Sushi!

The sushi cupcake toppers were a lot of fun to create with fondant. Elizabeth used the inspiration pictures and photographed her steps as she made each little topper for the cupcakes. My favorite part was the sprinkles she used for the white rice!

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Here are the other pieces in action as she made them. Click on a picture for a larger view.

Sushi Cupcakes!

Once all your cupcake toppers are complete it is time to place them on the cupcakes. Pair them with the real thing for the sushi lover in your life.

sushi cupcake toppers

Sushi cupcake toppers

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