Streamer Cakes

A few years ago, a customer called wanting a cake with streamers on it. Her hope was that they’d be 3 dimensional, edible and brightly colored.

Straws. They’d be perfect for creating any type of streamer I needed. Quickly I gathered several colors of fondant and started rolling, cutting and wrapping. Streamers are a really fun way to jazz up any cake or even cupcakes! Use as many colors as you like, just be sure to have A LOT of straws ready!

I’ve made several cakes with a streamer theme over the years. Recently, my friend Stephanie ordered a cake for her daughter’s 13th birthday. I know Baylee and was thinking about the fun streamer look even before Stephanie emailed to say that they liked one of the cakes with that style on my site. We talked about the cake and Stephanie added a fun twist; little “kaboom” bubbles and some candy (real & sculpted) on the cake. She was inspired by a fun email promotion she’d received that day.

Voila, Baylee’s 13th birthday cake was born.

Want to make a cake with some steamers of your own? Follow the quick steps in the picture display below and you’ll have a beautiful, colorful cake in no time. A couple of quick tips before you start:

  1. Have everything you need ready; you’ll need a rolling pin, a roulpat mat or other surface to roll fondant on, lots of straws and a sharp knife.
  2. When you wrap the fondant around the straws be careful not to wrap too tightly or the fondant will stick and be impossible to remove. Allow to dry for an hour or so for loosely draped looks that can be molded where you like on the cake. Dry up to several days for hard streamers that will sit on top of the cake or be pressed into the sides. These streamers are not moldable as you place them on the cake.
  3. Have FUN!

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