Star Wars Cake

Star Wars is a favorite theme for cakes for kids of all ages! I get excited every time I have the opportunity to make something with a Star Wars focus. This week I had an opportunity to make a Star Wars cake for a boy.

The Design

Photo Credit: Life is Knutts

We started with my Star Wars Cake Board on Pinterest. I asked his mom to check it out and see if any of the cakes could be a launching off point for a design. She LOVED one of them pretty much as is so we went ahead and ran with it.

We decided to add text, “May the Force Be With you Rhys!” to the cake. She asked for one of my favorite cakes: chocolate peanut butter. Yum!! I planned to fill the chocolate cake with 2 layers of peanut butter mousse filling, frosted completely with peanut butter mousse frosting and then covered in black fondant.

For the design, we needed characters for the top of the cake and I needed to find the font for Star Wars and cut it out.

Characters for the Star Wars Cake

As part of his birthday present, he would receive some characters!! I looked around and found a great option for his mom. We’d only need two of them for the cake and then he’d have a full set to enjoy playing with after his birthday party. Available on Amazon, she just had me order them so I’d have them for the cake. I was really excited when they arrived!

Decorating our Star Wars Cake

I decided to make a template for an 8″ cake so that if YOU want to make this cake, you have an easy plan to follow. I made a Star Wars font template for an 8″ cake. It is great because you can just print it out and then cut your font out knowing it is perfectly sized for the cake. You can view my template below.

Star Wars Template for 8″ Cake

After preparing the cake with the peanut butter frosting, I covered the cake and used the template I made to cut out the lettering. The original cake design had very tiny stars mixed in with larger stars. My only star cutters are a bit bigger, so my stars are larger. I added the “May the force be with you!” around the outside of the cake board and put his name on the cake for more impact. To finish off the look, I used little black hand rolled fondant balls (3 grams each) for a fun bottom edge. The characters are placed using black royal icing on top of the cake.

Star Wars Cake



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