Sculpting Owls

Cute character owls are all the rage right now. This fun owl cake for an 11 year-old girl started with her very own drawing.

Emma also sent along other pictures for inspiration, including a type of flower she liked from my cake gallery pictures.

It was so fun to make these adorable little owls for Emma’s birthday. Interested in making your own? Check out the picture tutorial and instructions below.















  • Start the owls
    Make a small recipe of Rice Krispie Treats. I just melt some marshmallows and butter and stir in the Rice Krispies until it is a nice consistency. Form the mixture into the shape you desire. Then allow to harden for a half hour or longer.¬†* I didn’t add the ears at this time, just made the wobbly-looking figure.
  • Smooth & put on the first layer
    Use a new nail file dedicated just to cakes, and file the shapes until they are mostly smooth. This will make it a little easier to coat your owls with fondant. Roll out your base layer of fondant (this can be any color you have) and cover your owl with a first layer. Next, make your triangle ears from fondant and place on top of the head of the owl.¬†Allow to dry and harden a bit. If it still looks quite bumpy, don’t worry: you will cover these bumps with your final layer of fondant.
  • Cover with a final fondant layer
    Roll out your final layer of fondant and carefully drape it over your primed owl. It will take a bit of time to smooth this layer out over the ears and get things very smooth. Be patient and carefully smooth out all the surfaces.
  • Embellish
    Use other colors to add features. This is where the fun comes in, making your owls look exactly as you wish. Make sure to affix each piece of fondant very carefully. If you need to use water to make things stick, be very careful to avoid getting water spots on the fondant. Water dries shiny on the otherwise matte finish and will stick out as a mistake.
  • Add feet & wings
    Many of the fun little owls out there don’t have feet. Emma’s owl drawing had feet and she wanted to make sure that her cake owls had feet. Cut out some feet with brown or chocolate fondant and place the owls on top of the feet. For wings, cut out oval shapes and stretch them a bit so that they are a little irregular. Use a knife to make them look more like feathers.

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