Peace Sign Cake

Use edible paper, an airbrush and some basic piping and you can make this eye popping peace sign cake!

Makenzie loves the peace sign, making this a perfect birthday cake choice. She loves all colors and especially adores chocolate! This cake is filled with cookies and cream mousse for fabulous flavor.

Ready to make your peace sign cake? This cake is a 9″ round cake, the perfect size for working with edible paper. First, bake your favorite cake. Split and fill the cake with your desired filling. I enjoy having 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling. This means you will split one layer in half and just level the 2nd layer. First, place one of your split layers down on the board, then fill with about 1 cup of filling. Lay your full cake layer down and top with filling. Finish by topping with the last half layer and crumb frosting the cake. Use your favorite frosting to frost the cake and then you are ready to make the peace sign. Make sure to keep the top of the cake frosted in white, but the sides may be any flavor or color you like. We’ll pipe the top color on the cake.

  1. Draw & Cut. First you can either draw your own peace sign or look at clip art for your image. Print or draw the image to a size that will fully cover a 9″ round cake.
  2. Prepare your work surface. Now, you will cut out your peace sign that is printed on regular paper. Lay the cut out peace sign on top of your edible paper and carefully cut through both the paper and backing. Get your airbrush out and plugged in.
  3. Color the Peace Sign. Bring your blank peace sign on edible paper over to your airbrush workstation. Fill your airbrush with your first color. I find that starting with the lightest color and working to the darkest color works best. Spray some of your peace sign with your lightest color. Clean your airbrush. Repeat with each color until your entire peace sign is filled in with your desired colors.
  4. Place on cake. Gently peel the backing off your peace sign and lay the image on your frosted cake. I find that putting the image in the freezer for 30 seconds allows it to peel more easily.
  5. Embellish. Now it is time to complete your embellishment. Using a #16 star tip, pipe little stars in the open spaces on the top of the cake. Then, switch to a #21 star tip and pipe a shell border around the top. For the bottom of the cake, keep your #21 tip but pipe big round swirls and top with a large sprinkle.

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