Owl Cake

My cake design process has changed lately due to Pinterest. Sometimes I’m not so sure that I love this new trend, but other times it is a lot of fun to create a cake based on pictures of other designs.

For this first birthday celebration, my client had two inspiration cakes for me to work from. She wanted the polka dots and the name on the side like this cake, and wanted to have the owl from this image. The cake needed to integrate the party colors, too: pink, green and brown.

Armed with pictures, it was time to begin! This cake is a gluten-free chocolate 9″ round cake, and the owl is made from Rice Krispies and marshmallow.

fondant owl cake

  1. Prepare your cake. Bake and crumb-frost the cake. This cake is filled with vanilla mousse, covered with vanilla buttercream and then prepared with pink fondant as a base.
  2. Make your owl. Mix up about a half batch of Rice Krispy treats and shape them into a dome. Check the size against the cake to make sure it is proportioned properly. Next, allow it to cool and set-up. Then, cover the shape with one layer of chocolate fondant. Use a 1″ cutter to cut feathers. Apply feathers starting from the bottom, gradually getting lighter in color until you reach the top.
  3. Feathers & Ears.  Make ears with gum paste, and affix them to the owl with toothpicks or straws. Allow to harden.
  4. Eyes, Brows & Feet. Roll out a larger disc of chocolate fondant. Cut out a triangle shape in the middle. Lay the fondant over the top of the owl, covering the ears and back of the owl. This fondant serves as a final layer so you won’t see the imperfections of the base layer. Now add small embellishments; eyes, feet, the bow etc. *See these in top final picture.
  5. Embellish the owl cake. Make a fondant resting pad for the owl. Place straws in the cake to support the owl’s weight, and insert a dowel through the center to push the owl down onto. Decorate the cake with name, polka dates and final borders.

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