Making Angry Birds

My son is obsessed with Angry Birds! He has a large collection of stuffed animal friends, many painted rocks from his grandmother, a water bottle and more. It was only a matter of time before he asked for an Angry Bird party!

He arranged his bedroom, created a guest list and begged to have a piñata. Then, he arrived with fistful of his saved allowance money, asking to “order a cookie cake” for his friends. Of course I didn’t take his money, but he did end up with a delicious cookie cake!

The Angry Birds are fun to make, and look great on top of any edible concoction.

Want to make your own Angry Bird cookie cake? First, decide which Angry Birds you’d like to have on the cake. Then, make your cookie cake. You’ll need several colors of fondant and a few good knives. Now you are ready to begin:

  1. Print out (or draw) images of the Angry Birds you want to create. Make sure they are all roughly the same size. Cut the paper shapes and lay out parchment paper and/or a roulepat mat.
  2. Lay the angry bird cut-out on top of the fondant and gently cut out the base shape with a clean sharp knife.
  3. Now that your base shapes are made, cut the features (beaks, eyes, etc) from the paper. Use these as templates to make the features. Add features one by one to your birds. To give the eyes dimension, make them rounded instead of flat.
  4. Add features with other colors of fondant, black fondant, edible markers and/or paint brushed food coloring.* I did the tails with paint-brushed food coloring, and used edible markers for tracing the edges of beaks.

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