How to make a popcorn bag cake!

Design by Invitation

One of my friends always has me design her children’s cakes from the birthday party invitation. She introduced another one of her friends to me and her friend had the same idea for her daughter’s 11th birthday. Samara’s invitation had a big bag of popcorn on it, so of course we’d need a bag of popcorn cake!

I LOVE to design cakes this way. Sometimes they are almost identical to the invite and other times it serves simply as a launching off point. For Samara’s birthday, the cake was pretty similar to the invitation. We went with a big bag of popcorn cake.

The cake

The cake was for a sleep over for 11 year old girls. With this and the fact that the invite lent itself to it, we decided to go with a 1/4 sheet cake. The serving would be easy and they’d be smaller pieces than if we went with a layer cake. Once the form factor was selected it was time to assemble the cake.

Blank canvas for the cake!

Stripes for the popcorn bag.

Caramel corn

I had a GREAT idea to make real popcorn on Samara’s cake. To make sure it would stick, I decided to work with caramel corn instead of regular popcorn. After adding the stripes to the blank cake canvas, I made microwave caramel corn. I needed such a small amount that it felt silly to make a whole oven batch! After allowing it to cool, I gently piled it up on the cake. I tried to use as much as I could. I could already see 11 year old girls trying to divvy up the popcorn at the party!!

Stripes and caramel corn. It is coming together well.

It’s a party!

One of the things that I really liked about the invitation were the letters spelling out PARTY on the top of the invitation. I decided to custom cut party letters from thick gum paste for the cake. I thought they would be good without the red outline, but once I got them on the cake they seemed to just cry out for red outlining.  I considered adding the candle flames, but decided that the cake should not be 100% a replica of the invitation so I left them out.

Bag of popcorn cake

The cake has big gum paste letters to let us know it is a party!

Add the outline and the ticket and the cake is complete.


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