How to Cut Perfect Brownies

Bake the Brownies

Every time I bake for my family, the kids come running to scope out what wonderful sweet treat is available for them. My 12 year old son scans the platter carefully, looking for the largest pieces of anything available. For my chocolate-loving family, brownies are always a favorite.

I bake for Good to Go, a great natural eatery and grocery store in Trumansburg, and one of the offerings is gluten-free brownies. Naturally, I need to make sure that all of the brownies are the same size for the customers. 

Slice the Brownies

This is my method for making sure that all the brownies are perfectly sliced.

  • Bake your brownies in a 9×12 parchment lined pan. Allow to cool completely in the pan. (If you bake in a 9×13 pan, you can either change your dimensions or slice off 1/2 inch on either end of the pan before you divide the brownies into 12 pieces.
  • When they are completely cool, use a sharp knife to loosen the edges. Remove from the pan and lay on a flat surface. Get a 12 inch ruler and lay it against the 9 inch side of the brownies.brownies
  • Get a bench scraper and use it to slice at the 3″ and 6″ mark. Continue slicing from the other side so that you have fully sliced for the narrow side. Clean your bench scraper in between each slice or as needed.brownies
  • Rotate the brownies 90 degrees (or rotate yourself around the table) and lay your ruler against the long side. Use your bench scraper to slice at the 3″, 6″ and 9″ mark on this side.brownies
  • Carefully use the bench scraper to lift the brownies off the parchment paper. Lay them on a platter. If you need to stack them, layer parchment or waxed paper between the layers. One trick to keep them from sticking is to cover the bottoms with granulated sugar.

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