Cookie Cutters!

Many years ago, my friend and customer Leslie reached out to ask me to include individually wrapped personalized cookie favors for her daughter’s birthday party. My only experience with sugar cookies at the time was the very distant memory of making Christmas cookies growing up. It was always the same: my Mom would make the dough and chill it and I would try to roll and cut. The dough was hard to roll, it would crack and I would give up. My Mom sweetly rolled out the dough for us and then my sister and I would take turns cutting out the shapes. Still, it had been years since then. I’d learned patience over time and Leslie was super excited about having cookies for Bailey. Sure, I’ll make cookies! 

It has been many years since that time and I’ve made so many different cookies. They are still not as popular as my cakes, but I love the opportunity to bake fun cookies!

To kick things off I bought a variety of shapes and made  a prototype of each shaped cookie. I was an art minor in college so I approached the prototyping from a painting perspective. I iced each cookie with white royal icing and then painted the color on top. This is very labor intensive, but definitely a FUN way to make a variety of cookies at the same time.

Here’s my gallery of fun shape prototypes from this original activity! What’s your favorite cookie shape and decorating technique?


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