Bunny Cake

My Mom took a cake decorating class when I was a young girl. In the years following the class, I always looked forward to picking out my cake from the Wilton ideas yearbook. One of my favorites was the bunny cake, and when my Mom made it for me on my 25th birthday, I enjoyed it as much as I did when I was little!

My birthday falls near Easter, so a bunny cake was an appropriate choice. Last spring we celebrated my birthday with family on Easter Sunday. I decided to surprise my Mom and make the special bunny cake. In my attempt to recreate the cake, I enjoyed a lovely trip down memory lane and learned a few things about this cake in the process.

The inspiration for this bunny cake was from a mid-1970s Wilton Yearbook. It had a cake bunny on top and a big basket handle. My mother (who always tried to satisfy our every request for cake) realized that the cake bunny would be WAY too much cake and that a frosted chocolate bunny would be A LOT more fun! And that basket handle? Well, that would be fragile, and who needs a handle anyway? So, my favorite bunny cake, inspired by Wilton and made by Mom, was born. Pictured at right, my 7th birthday!

I have since turned my baking hobby into a business, but my mother has so much more patience than I do now (and likely ever will)! When I made my bunny cake, I completely forgot that the point of using the chocolate bunny was to have less cake, but that I still had to DECORATE it. As we were eating the cake, my mom reminded me. I didn’t remember until she showed me the picture. Of course, someone with more patience may have made the cake again and frosted the bunny. I decided that I prefer the new version: it’s much easier and requires so little patience.

Looking to make a fun Easter cake or birthday cake for a special person? This cake simply requires learning to make a basket weave.

  • Prepare your cake
    I suggest a simple 9″ layer cake. Fill with your favorite frosting or filling and crumb coat.
  • Prepare pastry bags
    Color your buttercream and fill two decorating bags. You’ll need tip #7 and #47 for your basket. To make the basket weave, squeeze out a vertical stripe of icing using tip #7. Then use short horizontal strips with tip #47. The spacing between the horizontal strips is the same width as the tip. Now, squeeze the next vertical stripe right where the horizontal stripes end. Start the next set of horizontal stripes in the spaces. Repeat until your basket is finished. *Your buttercream may get warm from all the pressure of your hands. Take a break occasionally to give your hands a little rest. 
  • Color the coconut
    Powdered food coloring works very well for this. Toss in a teaspoon of powdered color and stir with the coconut. Gel or liquid works okay, too. Just toss the coconut in with the coloring until it is the green color you desire. You may also use a plastic ziplock bag for this step.
  • Borders and decorations
    Finish your basket with the border of your choice. This could be a standard shell border, swirls, a basket weave bottom, or even jelly beans! Top with your favorite hollow bunny. For eggs, use jelly beans or speckled chocolate eggs. * If you use a solid chocolate bunny, use a dowel for support so the bunny doesn’t collapse the cake.

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