Ballet Slipper Cake

Ballet slippers are the perfect adornment for a ballet-themed party. I had a vision of beautiful white glittery ballet shoes, and set about making them for Bailey’s 5th birthday party.

I included a picture tutorial below showing some of the steps (no pun intended) to make the ballet shoes. You’ll see the steps for making the complete cake below the image. If you give it a try, let me know and share some pictures: I’d love to see how your ballet shoes come out! Have plenty of gum paste on hand. I have to be honest: before my successful pair, I had one very odd looking first attempt! I was glad to have the extra gum paste for a second take!

How to make a ballet slipper cake:

  • Start the Ballet Slippers
    Use a template as a starting point or design your own.
  • Roll & Cut
    Using a roulepat mat or parchment paper, roll out your gum paste and cut your ballet slipper top and sole. Take your pieces and work them together to form the ballet slipper. This part is the trial and error part. I had my daughter’s ballet slipper to look at and just kept working with it until it was realistic.
  • Glitter
    When your shoe is fully formed, brush it lightly with water and sprinkle fine sugar on the top. I used organic sugar for a slightly off-white look. It will not stick on the dry surfaces. Wait until fully dry and then shake off the excess sugar.
  • Bows
    Roll out your gum paste and cut into thin strips. Form a bow out of a strip. Then take a second strip and make a little ribbon rose. Place both the bow and the ribbon rose on the ballet slipper. Allow the entire shoe to dry for at least two days before placing on your cake. (Repeat steps 2-4 for your 2nd ballet slipper, flipping the pieces)
  • Prepare Cakes
    These slippers sit on top of a 10″ round chocolate cake. Bake your favorite chocolate cake recipe and allow the cakes to cool. Split one cake into two layers, and fill with vanilla mousse frosting. Crumb coat with buttercream and chill until you are ready to decorate.
  • Frosting
    Tint icing pink. Frost the top of the cake with an offset spatula. Use a 104 tip and prepare a bag. Position the prepared cake on a turntable and begin making ruffles down the side of the cake. Use a back and forth motion from top to bottom and then turn the cake slightly and repeat.
  • Finish
    Place the ballet shoes on top of the cake. Add any writing or additional adornment. To make the cake look just like the picture, roll out white fondant to make a ruffle to go around the bottom. Place it on the cake and then use a #8 tip to pipe a bead border around it with white buttercream.

Have you tried making these ballet slippers? Do you have any advice for someone trying for the first time? 

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