Baby Einstein

My nephew loves two toys: a giraffe and his Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy. When my sister-in-law called to ask me to make his first birthday cake, I knew I should make his favorite toy to sit on top of the cake. While totally feasible, making the toy out of cake isn’t nearly as fun a my favorite way: rice krispy treats!

If you like to make fun cakes for your friends, family, or customers, you’ll love being able to wow them with this fairly easy (and definitely fun) way to sculpt additions to your cakes.

I’ll walk you through how I made the Baby Einstein toy. You can use this method to make anything you think of! Most importantly, have fun.

  1. Make the rice krispy treats
    I make just enough to sculpt what I need. Mix up cereal, marshmallows and butter and you are ready to create your base shape(s).
  2. Shape and let cool
    I wait several hours, or you can put the in the fridge to firm up.
  3. Cover with fondant
    Unless your base shape is very smooth, you’ll find it useful to cover with 2 coats.
  4. Begin decorating
    (shown in photos 4-6) Make sure you have a roulepat mat, all the colors you need, cutters, and a nice rolling pin. I used a picture my sister-in-law sent and started to place all the parts.
  5. Make adornments
    To make the handle, use wire and thread the balls of fondant onto the wire. I used memory wire to get the nice curved look. Affix all the little extras to your handle and place the handle in the rice krispy treat toy. *When you place this toy on top of your cake, use dowels or straws as support.

12 thoughts on “Baby Einstein

    • It is really a nice alternative to using cake for sculptures – nice especially that you don’t have to make a totally separate cake to carve up and sculpt. It still takes awhile though, making this Baby Einstein figure took me 2 hours, but it is fun and the results are worth it.

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