Make Your Own Alligator Cake

Alligators, Monkeys, and Lions, Oh My!

Sophia is an alligator girl, and also wanted some lions and monkeys for her cupcakes. I didn’t have much experience with sculpting alligators or lions. Monkeys had been very popular lately, so I had some experience with them. For this post, I’m focusing on the alligator, Sophia’s favorite.

Ready to sculpt lions, monkeys and alligators? They will keep for quite some time in an airtight container, so you can make them whenever you like. Make sure you have designed your plan for your cupcakes and cakes if you make them ahead. This way, you won’t find yourself rushing to make more at the last minute! Before you begin your sculpting, you’ll want to have a knife and a beading tool, several colors of fondant and some edible markers. Now you are ready to make your own alligator cake, and cupcakes to go with it.

alligator cake

  1. Roll out the alligator heads with green fondant
    Start with round balls and then slightly elongate them.
  2. Use small pieces of white fondant to make eyes
    Roll into round balls and place on the alligator heads. Allow to dry slightly and then use an edible marker to draw in the pupils. If you don’t have a marker, use a small piece of black fondant for the pupil.
  3. Make the alligator body
    Use a larger piece of fondant and roll it out into an oblong shape. Angle it slightly and make it slimmer on the back to look like a tail. Then, use petal tip #102 to make scales on the back of the alligator.
  4. Complete the Body
    Roll out four legs for your alligator and attach them to the completed body. Use a small beading tool or knife to mark toes on the feet. Roll out very small balls of green fondant for the nose. Use your beading tool to make a little circle in the center of each nostril. Use the same process to make the lion and monkey toppers. (see the picture above)
  5. Decorate the Cake & Cupcakes
    If you have made your cupcakes, cover some of them using a leaf tip of your choice to give them a bit of a jungle feel. Place the lions and monkeys and alligators on the cupcakes. For the small round alligator cake for the birthday child, cover it with swirls of blue frosting to look like water. Edge the bottom of the cake with your leaf border and cut out several fondant flowers. Top with 2 alligators to look like they are swimming in the water.

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