Make Your Own Rice Krispies Tap Shoe

You may have seen my recent post about making an edible ballet shoe. Elizabeth takes tap too and was really excited to give her teacher a Rice Krispies tap shoe. It was just as fun, but a little bit more of a challenge because the tap shoe has more embellishments.

Want to make your own tap shoe? First, it is a nice idea to have a model: Elizabeth’s size 8 shoes were perfect. They are large enough to be realistic and provide several servings (very important)! Before you get ready to create your shoe, prepare your work area with parchment or waxed paper, knives and vegetable oil spray. Have fondant and a rolling pin ready and prepare your Rice Krispy Treats. You’ll need:

  • Rice Krispies
  • butter
  • marshmallows
  • fondant (assorted colors)
  • chocolate melts
  • parchment or waxed paper
  • a clean diamond nail file 
  • rolling pin
  • knives
  • decorative tools (if you have them)How to make a fondant tap shoe

  1. Make your treat mixture. After you have made the treat mixture, allow to cool until the mixture won’t burn your hands. Use your model(s) and form all your shapes. It helps to coat your hands with vegetable oil to avoid sticking. Work quickly and use waxed paper for support if you need something to stand upAllow to cool. Use your freezer or fridge to speed up cooling.
  2. Prepare your base layer. Melt the candy melts and spread your shape with the melted mixture. Place in fridge or freezer until cool. **I used red because it is one of the dance studio’s colors. Any color will work. Use your file to file down the edges. You want a nice flat surface for covering.
  3. Cover the shoe. Cover with prepared fondant. For the black, we used chocolate fondant with black coloring. The chocolate has a nice taste, like that of a Tootsie roll, and its natural color allowed us to use less coloring. We used a paper towel to add texture to the shoe.
  4. Roll out fondant to mark off the part that will be the opening for the Rice Krispies tap shoe.
  5. Embellish. Roll out a thin rope of fondant and place it around the edge of the shoe opening. Add a tongue.
  6. Finish adding details. The Rice Krispies tap shoe is fun! You can add eyelets, laces and do some texturing. Elizabeth wanted me to use fun lace colors. Because we made a realistic ballet shoe, I made the tap shoe just like hers. Create the taps of the shoe out of gray fondant. You may spray them with edible silver or paint them with edible silver if you like.
  7. You have a Rice Krispies tap shoe. Photograph and enjoy!

Next challenge, pointe shoes. Elizabeth isn’t ready for pointe just yet, but I might practice. That way I’ll be ready when she asks for them!


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