Sculpting Legos

Kids love Lego. Kids love cakes! So … how you can make cute little lego toppers for cupcakes or cakes? I found some cute little Lego candies that come in a nice set of pastel colors. For the primary color look, you’ll have to make your own. Fortunately, it is easy and fun!

To make Lego blocks you’ll need:

  • Fondant
  • A nice sharp knife and/or a bench scraper
  • A Silpat mat and/or parchment paper
  • #8 or #10 tip for cutting the round tops out

Make sure your fondant is very pliable. Warm it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it easier to work with. Working with one color at a time, roll out the fondant to your desired thickness. It helps to have a real Lego nearby as a guide.  You don’t have to make yours actual size. In fact, it is easier to make them lager, but having a Lego for reference helps with getting the proportions right.

Once you’ve rolled out the fondant, cut into lego-sized pieces and set aside. Determine the thickness you want to make your little top dots and roll out a second piece  to that thickness. Using your tip cutter, quickly cut out all of your circles. It might help to have a knife nearby to dislodge the cut out pieces as they tend to get stuck in the cutter. Quickly place them on top of the cut out Lego pieces.  If you are using fresh fondant, your pieces will stick together very easily. If you find that they are not sticking, get a little bowl of water and a paint brush. You may use the water as “glue” to paint the top down. As this gets tedious, try to keep your fondant moist instead by working in small batches. Repeat for each color.

I recommend that you store your Legos on a piece of parchment or waxed paper in a covered cake pan, cake carrier or cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap. While they are resting in storage, the Lego pieces bond together to form the completed lego brick. Use these cute little toppers on cupcakes or on cakes!


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