Making a Texas Layer Cake

If I had to pick my most favorite cake, it would be a toss-up between my Mom’s Texas Sheet cake and her carrot cake. When my birthday rolls around, I let her choose!  It is just too hard for me to decide between the two.

Most people are familiar with Texas Sheet cake. Most bakers likely have a variation of this classic in their recipe box. I’ve tried several recipes and surprise (!) my favorite is still my Mom’s. Though delicious, this cake won’t win any beauty contests. I decided to change that by offering a layer cake version of this childhood favorite.

The trick to making a Texas Layer cake is PATIENCE! You need to go slow or this will be a VERY ugly cake. Trust me, I’m a very impatient person and have learned this from experience. Fortunately, my family is always happy to eat any mistakes that come their way.

  • Use the traditional Texas Sheet cake recipe, following the directions for the layer cake version. Allow to cool in the pans. This keeps the moisture in the cake.
  • To have the proper frosting to cake ratio, you’ll want to split one of your layers into two. Invert the first cake onto your serving plate and use a serrated knife to slice the cake into two layers. *This is easier if you work with a very cool cake. I like to place my cake in the freezer to cool before turning it out and splitting.
  • Make the filling. Use 1/2 recipe of the Texas Sheet cake frosting. Allow this frosting to cool slightly. Gently spread 1/2 of the frosting onto your first layer. Top with the un-split layer. Then, spread with the remaining frosting and finish by topping with the other split layer. Chill in the fridge while you make the outer frosting.
  • Now it is time to make the cake beautiful! For this cake I used fudge frosting, but you may use any frosting you like! Make your frosting, crumb coat and decorate the cake.

And there you have it: a delicious Texas Layer cake that IS ready to enter a beauty contest!

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