Cake of the Month

A new cake, every month!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone for holidays?┬áDo you want to try a new cake very month? Look no further than Cake of the Month from Emoticakes. Every month of the year you get a different flavor of cake to try out. The cakes are available in 6″ and 8″ sizes. Expect 4-8 servings from a 6″ cake and 12-16 servings from an 8″ cake.

Not every month but sometimes?

Interested in trying some but not all? You can order for a single season, or simply order the cake of the month in the month that it is available for a one time charge. Cake of the Month is available for pick-up or delivery.

View the cakes by season.

Click a season for a closer look:


Annual Season Month
6″ $200 $55 $20
8″ $325 $85 $30

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