Vegan Dark Chocolate Cake

This cake is created from one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes. I love that it is densely chocolate. I find the vegan version and the regular version to be completely addictive.

You’ll want to have flax eggs at the ready and while I always make this with almond milk and coconut oil, you can use the oils and milks of your choice. I really like the subtle flavor that the coconut oil imparts as well as the thickness of the oil as it sets at room temperature, but canola or another oil will work in this cake too. Continue reading

Banana Cupcakes

These banana cupcakes are based on one of my customer’s favorite cakes. Many years ago, my friend Debby asked me if I made banana cake. Not a big fan of banana, I hadn’t ever even considered it. Her son was really hoping to have a banana cake for his birthday so I said “Sure! I will give it a try.”

I found a great recipe in my library copy of The Cake Bible. I checked this book out so many times that I ultimately bought it!  Rose’s banana cake recipe from the book is adapted to make these cupcakes.

The changes from the Cake Bible recipe include: a reduction of the amount of salt, no lemon zest, the addition of potato starch, a change from butter to oil, and a blend of all purpose flour and cake flour. Continue reading

Gingerbread Brownstone

Every year my family makes something from gingerbread. We’ve created a haunted mansion, church, farmer’s market, football stadium, and a simple house. This year we decided to tackle a gingerbread brownstone apartment building.

I had recently hosted a gingerbread decorating event at our local library with plans to make a big house with older kids while younger kids decorated smaller graham cracker houses. Unfortunately in this 1 hour event,  I thought it would be an excellent idea to have the participants assemble houses on their own, and have the older kids assemble the large house. I forgot just how much time it takes for the assembly! Needless to say, we only decorated the little houses that day!

You can view the gingerbread and royal icing recipes in the handout I created for this event, and also from our Gingerbread Traditions post.
Gingerbread & Royal Icing Recipe (pdf) Continue reading