NOTE: Due to changing regulations at the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, I am no longer allowed to sell custom cakes. As such, I am no longer taking orders, but hope you continue to enjoy this site for inspiration for your own creations. Read more about this change

White sculpted Birthday Cake

White sculpted Birthday Cake from (dairy free, mountain climbing cake, fondant, peanut butter)







dairy free, mountain climbing cake, fondant, peanut butter


The rock climbing cake was beautiful and delicious, a real hit! It was so moist and rich it is hard to believe it was dairy free.
Noah's eating of the climber was a fun activity in itself. As he bit off a part of the climber, one of his friends made his matching body parts seem to disappear! We had a lot of fun with it! At so many parties we see lots of plates of uneaten cake get thrown away. I can't imagine that ever happening with one of your cakes. In fact, parents requested we say "no" to the boys requests for thirds.