Susan & Andrew’s Wedding

Susan and Andrew were referred to me by Word of Mouth Catering in Trumansburg. They planned their wedding reception at the Fontainebleau Inn in Alpine, NY and were looking for someone to make an allergen-friendly cake.

I met with them for a tasting and they brought both sets of parents with them. It was one of the sweetest tastings I have ever had, and I so regret not taking a photograph of our time together. They are a delightful couple and they all enjoyed eating and talking about cake!

Susan is allergic to gluten, dairy and soy. They are trying to figure out if they can add food items back into her diet, but we decided to be fully safe with a portion of the cake being “Susan friendly.” That part of the cake would be free of all of those things, plus free of eggs. The other portion of the cake would be a traditional cake. Susan and Andrew also thought it would be nice to have individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies for their guests as a wedding favor. They asked for those to be “Susan friendly” as well, and decided we could have eggs in the cookies.

Cake Inspiration & Flavors

Susan and Andrew wanted a simple cake with textured frosting. They are an incredibly easygoing couple, sending me one picture for inspiration. They worked with Plenty of Posies in Ithaca for their flowers. Our plan was to have the florist give them cake flowers and I’d place the flowers on the cake when I arrived with the cake at the reception.

They chose a chocolate chip pound cake with Heath bar filling and vanilla buttercream for the base cake and chocolate cake with coconut buttercream for the top two tiers.

I routinely make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for Good to Go in my hometown, but I haven’t made a gluten-free AND dairy-free variety. I made a test version to see what everyone in the family thought. Xander waltzed into the kitchen just as they were coming out of the oven. Walking out with a cookie in his hand, moments later he hollered back in, “Wow, Mom. They are gluten-free and dairy-free but surprisingly … they are not taste-free.” Xander is the first one in my family to tell me if something doesn’t meet expectations, so this was a good sign that the cookies would be a success!

The inspiration cake.

The finished wedding cake

The cake was just as they asked – gluten-free and dairy-free for the top two tiers with a rough frosting style. It has taken me many cakes to enjoy frosting this way. It is more challenging than it looks to make something purposefully messy. I’ve come to adore the look as well. I took a photograph, but Susan and Andrew sent me a much better picture that their photographer took! You can go to Marcy’s site to see more of her beautiful photographs.

They also included a sweet note to let me know how much they loved their cake and cookies. The note was so sweet – it totally made my day!!

Hi Amy — Andrew and I wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work. The wedding cake was absolutely stunning and equally delicious!!! We kept hearing “I can’t believe this is wedding cake — this is some of the best cake I’ve ever had!” And those cookies were absolutely amazing.

We were just floored with how you decorated the cake as well — it looked so beautiful. I attached a photo that our photographer took, in case you need a photo for anything.

Thank you so much Amy and Andrew & I will definitely let you know the next time that we’re in Ithaca, because we will definitely want to pick up some more goodies!

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