Kristy & Lou

I had the opportunity to bake for Kristy and Lou’s wedding at The Treman Center this summer!! My friend Ashley told them about me, and I met with them in the late spring to talk about what they were hoping to have for their wedding desserts.

The wedding party

Kristy and Lou showed me a picture of their wedding party and I knew I had to writ up something about their wedding!! They made this super fun picture of all the groomsmen and bridesmaids in their wedding outfits. I love how they let each lady select a dress in a style that worked for them!! The muted colors all worked well together and corresponded with the groomsmen.

Cake Inspiration

We started talking cake!! Quickly we focused on a variety of flavors. Lou loves carrot cake, so of course I went down the rabbit hole thinking back to my wedding. Scott and I simply HAD to have carrot cake. I only took the tiniest of slivers of the cake and didn’t even taste it I was so nervous. Because of my own experience, I make advise all couples that I work with to make sure to TASTE their cake!!

We selected carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cake with lemon filling and raspberry filling and chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and frosting. Lou and Kristy figured that would give most everyone something they enjoyed. They showed me a picture that they liked as a launching off point.

Making it happen

We decided to have a small two tiered main cake and have it surrounded by a few smaller cakes. Kristy and Lou were having their friends and owners of FLX Table cater the wedding. When I delivered the cake, I learned that this would be the first wedding that the caterers were both guests and caterers – not an easy task for sure!! They would be enjoying a fabulous and likely very filling dinner, so we decided to allow some space between the serving of dinner and cake. The cake could be cut and delivered on plates to guests outdoors, and the extra cake would come out when it was needed. The wedding was a rustic style and we planned on using wooden bases for the cakes to sit on for display. Kristy and Lou also ordered one 3 inch chocolate peanut butter cake to freeze and enjoy for their one year anniversary.

I baked all the cakes and made arrangements with Lou to get the bases to me so that I could place the cakes on them when assembling things instead of waiting until I was at the Treman Center. We decided the flowers from Plenty of Posies would go on at the venue. Kristy sent me this great picture of the flowers when they arrived!

Unadorned cakes coming through

I decorated the cakes in the rough frosting style that we talked about, using the colors from the wedding party picture to pull things together. The trouble with this style of cake is that it looks very unattractive until it is adorned with flowers. My daughter came in and said, “hmm that’s what you did today?” and my son said, “well those aren’t so bad I guess.” Even knowing they’d be beautified with flowers, it was hard to look at them and call them a day’s work!! Needless to say, I didn’t take any pictures of the unadorned cakes.

I had this back of my mind feeling that the two tiered cake wasn’t going to look complete with two tiers so I baked two 3 inch cakes. I was so glad I did, as the model cake called for rough frosting on the bottom and top tiers with a semi-naked look in the middle. We’d need that third baby cake to give it the look we were going for!!

I arrived at the venue and we found the flowers we needed to decorate the cakes. Soon I was snipping and placing and the cakes were lovely. They had a temporary home downstairs while we decorated them and then we carried them upstairs to their display location.

Pictures of The Treman Center

So somehow I’ve never been here!! When I met Kristy and Lou it was the first time I’d heard of this venue. I hike in Treman State Park all the time and it is just up the road from the upper entrance to the park. I had a lovely chat with the proprietor, Leslie Carrere. She encouraged my husband and me to walk the grounds and look at the space. We started talking semi seriously about renewing our vows there it was so beautiful!! After all, our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up soon! We took a few pictures to help complete this post and then headed out, talking about just how lucky Kristy and Lou got with the weather. The summer of 2017 has been incredibly rainy and they got a great evening for a wedding!!

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