Mini ballet slipper cupcake toppers

It is that time of year again! Bailey turned 10 this year and it is her first time in the Ithaca Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker! To add to the excitement, she was cast in the role of the black sheep. She’s in her last year of elementary school, so that means it is her mom’s last time sending in cupcakes for her class. Such a bittersweet time!! Bailey adores animals and she loves to dance! We decided we’d have the cupcakes topped with mini ballet shoes, paw prints and ballet dresses to celebrate these two loves in her life. The best part?  With these directions, you can make your own ballet slipper cupcake toppers. Continue reading

Baby Block Cupcake Toppers

These adorable baby blocks make the perfect accent for your baby shower cupcakes. They look great with any color combination and they are really fun to make. To make these you should be comfortable working with fondant and royal icing.


How to make baby block cupcake toppers

  1. First, select your color palate. For this baby shower, the couple was going with the classic baby block primary and secondary color palate. I would need red, orange, yellow, green and blue.
  2. Select your first color. Determine the desired size of your blocks. Roll out a sphere and then use a paring knife to slice the edges to make it square. Repeat for each block.
  3. Using a pastry bag filled with white royal icing, pipe each block with a letter from A-Z or a number from 1-9. Pipe little dots on each corner to add some whimsey. I chose to only pipe the top of the block as they would be sitting down on top of a cupcake. However, you could allow the top icing to dry and then repeat the process on all sides.
  4. Place them on top of your frosted cupcakes and just like that you have adorable baby shower cupcakes with a baby block theme.

Other ways to use your baby block cupcake toppers

Of course you can put these on cupcakes, but you can also add them as a message on any layer cake or cookie cake. Frosted brownies are a lot of fun too! They are great for baby showers, but also for little kid birthday parties.

Christmas Cakes

When the holidays roll around, everyone shares their Christmas cake pictures! When I started looking through my pictures, I realized that I don’t actually do a lot of Christmas cakes for people BUT I do bake a lot of birthday cakes for those folks that have their special day near the holiday.

Even so, I decided to put together a little  picture post with some of my Christmas cakes over the years.

My favorite is my poinsettia cake, followed by the cake with the wreath on it. Do you have your own favorites that you have made? Continue reading