Rice Krispies Treat Earth

The Science Project

My son’s 6th grade science class learned about planet Earth. He had a wonderful time learning about the inner core and outer core, the mantle and of course the crust. When his teacher asked them to create a model of the planet, of course he came home saying, “I want to make mine out of CAKE!”

I may have obliged, but as he shared more, it seemed like a lot of kids were hoping to make theirs out of cake. Cake would be something that I would end up being rather involved with, so I suggested alternatives. After several rejected suggestions I said, “What about a globe made from Rice Krispie treats?” “YES!” he replied. “That will be FUN!” It didn’t take us long to decide! Xander was excited to make a Rice Krispies Treat Earth model. Continue reading

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

It all started when I reached out to Linz Real Estate. I saw they had posted something on their Facebook page about treats so I asked see if they were interested in offering cookies as open house favors. “Sure I’d love to try some samples!” Lindsay replied. The first round of sugar cookies were lovely and delicious, but she and her mom (Linz Real Estate is a local mother/daughter duo) were a little concerned that they could be too sweet. Would spice work? Lindsay’s dad and sister are vegan so they asked if the cookies could be made vegan. My next step would be to work on a vegan gingerbread cookie recipe! Continue reading