Streamer Cakes

A few years ago, a customer called wanting a cake with streamers on it. Her hope was that they’d be 3 dimensional, edible and brightly colored.

Straws. They’d be perfect for creating any type of streamer I needed. Quickly I gathered several colors of fondant and started rolling, cutting and wrapping. Streamers are a really fun way to jazz up any cake or even cupcakes! Use as many colors as you like, just be sure to have A LOT of straws ready!

I’ve made several cakes with a streamer theme over the years. Recently, my friend Stephanie ordered a cake for her daughter’s 13th birthday. I know Baylee and was thinking about the fun streamer look even before Stephanie emailed to say that they liked one of the cakes with that style on my site. We talked about the cake and Stephanie added a fun twist; little “kaboom” bubbles and some candy (real & sculpted) on the cake. She was inspired by a fun email promotion she’d received that day.

Voila, Baylee’s 13th birthday cake was born.

Want to make a cake with some steamers of your own? Follow the quick steps in the picture display below and you’ll have a beautiful, colorful cake in no time. A couple of quick tips before you start:

  1. Have everything you need ready; you’ll need a rolling pin, a roulpat mat or other surface to roll fondant on, lots of straws and a sharp knife.
  2. When you wrap the fondant around the straws be careful not to wrap too tightly or the fondant will stick and be impossible to remove. Allow to dry for an hour or so for loosely draped looks that can be molded where you like on the cake. Dry up to several days for hard streamers that will sit on top of the cake or be pressed into the sides. These streamers are not moldable as you place them on the cake.
  3. Have FUN!

Tiara Cake

A lot of little girls have princess parties. Castles and cakes that look like a princess are my most common cake request for the pre-school girl set. Several months ago I received a call from a woman who was hosting a princess party. The interesting part: her daughter didn’t like princesses at all but it was the best theme choice at the bounce place.

Her mother shared that each little girl would receive a golden tiara and I suddenly had the perfect idea for the cake: an edible tiara and wand on the top of the cake. Her mom was thrilled! I’d design the tiara to be similar to the party favors and enjoy working with gum paste.

I’d also get to use my airbrush that seldom sees the light of day and have some fun designing. Her mom had her own favorite cake recipe, a family favorite, and I used that along with her favorite frosting. Since that cake there have been several other tiara requests for the identical cake. I’m looking forward to a request for a similar cake where I can break out the silver!

Strawberry Cupcakes

After many tries I have finally perfected a strawberry cupcake recipe that is totally natural ingredients (ie: no strawberry jello or other artificial things) but it needs to be pink and taste like strawberry.

A few years ago, a friend asked if I had a good recipe for strawberry cake. I didn’t. She found one that required jello and made it for a party. She was reasonably happy with it, yet it reminded me that I really wanted to create a nice strawberry cupcake recipe.

That is a lot easier than it sounds! There were so many failed batches of attempted strawberry cupcakes. It seems each time I tried something new went wrong. My standards were set high; they needed to be naturally pink (no coloring added), you need to be able to taste the strawberry flavor, and there can be no artificial ingredients like jello or imitation flavoring.

My recipe uses strawberry essence, essentially a pure strawberry extract but it is optional.  If you choose not to use it you’ll just get a slightly less intense strawberry flavor.

I chose to use spectrum organic shortening instead of butter to keep ingredients as pure white as possible. Also, using all egg whites keeps the color more pure. If you’d like them to be a little more pink you can add a drop or two of pink coloring to the batter.

An interesting thing did happen while I was working on the recipe. For one attempt, I changed the leavening to baking soda instead of baking powder. The result: an oddly purple color. They taste just like the other version but don’t have the beautiful pink color.

Here is the recipe. If you make them let me know what you think. I’d love to know how it works for you!

They pair beautifully with strawberry cream cheese frosting. Because they are made with shortening instead of butter they taste just as delicious cold as when they are warm.


It really doesn’t fall into a cake category, but making lollipops is just so much fun! The kids and I make lollipops every Valentine’s Day for their teachers, grandparents, and classmates.

It all started when I was a girl, about 10 years old living in North Carolina. Lollipops were all the rage! Do you remember when those big round pops were being sold everywhere? Well, moms everywhere started buying lollipop molds and making them for school fundraisers, and just for fun! My mom developed a special hard candy chocolate lollipop that is our favorite to this day. Continue reading

Baby Einstein

My one year-old nephew has 2 toys that he loves: a giraffe and his Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy. When my sister-in-law called to ask me to make his first birthday cake, I knew I should make his favorite toy on top of the cake. While totally feasible, making the toy out of cake isn’t nearly as fun a my favorite way: rice krispy treats!

If you like to make fun cakes for your friends, family, or customers, you’ll love being able to wow them with this fairly easy (and definitely fun) way to make sculpted additions to your cakes.

I’ll walk you through how to make the Baby Einstein toy. Then, you may use this method to make anything you think of! Have fun.

  1. First, make the rice krispy treats. I make just enough to sculpt what I need. Mix up the cereal, marshmallows and butter and you are ready to create your base shape(s).
  2. Shape and let cool! I wait several hours, or you can put the in the fridge to firm up.
  3. Cover with fondant. Unless your base shape is very smooth, you’ll find it useful to cover with 2 coats.
  4. (shown in photos 4-6) Begin your decorating. Make sure you have a roulepat mat, all the colors you need, cutters, and a nice rolling pin. I used a picture my sister-in-law sent and started to place all the parts.
  5. To make the handle, use wire and thread the balls of fondant onto the wire. I used memory wire to get the nice curved look.
  6. Affix all the little extras to your handle and place the handle in the rice krispy treat toy. *When you place this toy on top of your cake, use dowels or straws as support.