Molasses Cookies

My father really enjoys molasses cookies. In his early 60s, he and my mother would go to our local Barnes and Noble in Ithaca regularly. Many times the kids and I went with them. There were two gentlemen that worked there and we all got to know them really well because we were there all the time. Naturally when it was time to celebrate his 65th birthday we decided to have a surprise party!! We decided we’d  buy Barnes & Noble cookies for the occasion. That was the start of my desire to make my own giant molasses cookies. I got to work creating a recipe that would be just as good (or better) than my dad’s favorites.

Several years, and a lot of molasses cookie tastings later, we have a great favorite recipe!

molasses cookies

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Ladybug First Birthday Cake

The ladybug theme is perfect for a first birthday! Penelope’s Mom said they were celebrating her first birthday with a pink and black ladybug theme. She sent me several inspirational pictures and shared what she liked about each one.

I LOVE it when I have the opportunity to base a design on many different cakes, so making Penelope’s cake was a joy from the first email. This post is to share the creative process with you as much as the finished product.

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Sushi Cupcake Toppers

One of the best things about making cupcakes is the opportunity to make great cupcake toppers! My daughter, Elizabeth, works for me at Emoticakes. She’s been watching me bake since she was a little girl and she’s a quick study. When there are work opportunities, I often give her an option. I’ll start with, “Do you want a creative job or a baking job?” She almost always answers, “Creative!”

She start with decorating was when she entered our local library Storybake contest a few years ago. She entered a cake with a design for one of her favorite childhood books, Little Quack. I remember watching her decorate and thinking that there is a huge case to be made for apprenticeship. Read about her cake decorating process and see her awesome cake!

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