Legally Blonde Giant Cupcake Cake

Legally Blonde Giant Cupcake Cake

The Giant Cupcake Cake! I LOVE this pan. I don’t get asked to make one often, so I still borrow it from a good friend every time someone orders a cake. She joked last time that I use it more than her, so maybe we should keep it in my bakery kitchen.

This giant cupcake was special – Mohammed reached out to me to bake for his wife, Anoud. I first baked for Mohammed for his birthday when he and Anoud were dating. She wasn’t even in the country at the time, and ordered his Big Bang Theory Cake to be delivered to him as a surprise! Now it was her turn to get a special cake. Her cake was to be a giant cupcake cake based on her favorite movie; Legally Blonde. Continue reading

Happy National Marzipan Day

I’ve adored all things almond since I was a child. When we lived in Germany, I remember walking into adorable little pastry shops and eyeing all the beautiful colored marzipan fruits made from a concoction of ground almonds and sugar. Even now when I am in a pastry shop I am drawn to anything including almond. Marzipan is known by many names including; Mazapane (Italian), Massepain (French), Lozina (Middle East) , Mazapán (Spain), Marzipan (German).

In honor of National marzipan day, I thought it would be fun to look up the history of marzipan. Why do we eat cute little fruits made from almond paste and sugar? Continue reading

Doc McStuffins Cake

Doc McStuffins cake

Doc McStuffins is a Disney Junior TV show. I had the opportunity to make a Doc McStuffins cake for a two year old’s birthday this fall.

Red Velvet

Umynah’s mom wanted to go with one of their family favorites: red velvet! She sent me a model cake that she had found on Pinterest. *Note: I tried to find the source website to credit it here, but the link was broken. 

The cake is 4 layers of red velvet with cream cheese filling, and it is frosted with buttercream and covered with fondant. Continue reading