Sushi Cupcake Toppers

One of the best things about making cupcakes is the opportunity to make great cupcake toppers!! I recently hired my daughter, Elizabeth, to work with me at Emoticakes. She’s been watching me bake since she was a little girl so she’s a quick study. When there are work opportunities, I often give her an option. I’ll start with, “Do you want a creative job or a baking job?” She almost always answers, “Creative!”

She got her start with decorating when she entered our local library Storybake contest a few years ago. She entered a cake with a design for one of her favorite childhood books, Little Quack. I remember watching her decorate and thinking that there is a huge case to be made for apprenticeship. Read about her cake decorating process and see her awesome cake!

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Make your own geode cake

Earlier this summer, I received a request to make a geode cake. The request came through my online form and the customer attached a link to a video. In the form, she said she could make her own rock candy for the cake.I thought the link was for a  “how to make rock candy” video so I didn’t watch it, thinking she would be the one making the rock candy. Instead, I planned a geode cake image in in my head and called her back.

Did you watch the video?

She asked me as soon as we got on the phone. We started talking and it was immediately clear that my image and her video were worlds apart! It was time to fess up that no, I had not in fact watched the video. My vision was of a circular (think half a sphere) cake while she was describing a tiered cake with a portion cut out. Continue reading

Kristy & Lou

I had the opportunity to bake for Kristy and Lou’s wedding at The Treman Center this summer!! My friend Ashley told them about me, and I met with them in the late spring to talk about what they were hoping to have for their wedding desserts.

The wedding party

Kristy and Lou showed me a picture of their wedding party and I knew I had to writ up something about their wedding!! They made this super fun picture of all the groomsmen and bridesmaids in their wedding outfits. I love how they let each lady select a dress in a style that worked for them!! The muted colors all worked well together and corresponded with the groomsmen.

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