Raspberry Filling

I think that raspberry filling might just be the most popular cake and cupcake filling in the world, at least from what I see people ask for. Raspberry filling pairs beautifully with lemon, vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, really almost anything!! I’ve even had people that absolutely LOVE it with hazelnut cake. Continue reading

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

chewy chocolate chip cookies

My family is super picky about chocolate chip cookies! We had a favorite family recipe that we used for years, but it uses shortening and I wanted to have a great chocolate chip cookie recipe that didn’t have shortening in the ingredient list. I created this recipe using all butter. I like knowing that it isn’t shortening based and enjoy the added flavor that the butter brings to the cookie. These chewy chocolate chip cookies have become a new favorite for us. Continue reading

Carrot Cake

carrot cake by Emoticakes.com

This most popular cake has so many recipe variations! In my early years of baking, carrot cake was my most often botched cake. It all comes down to method, pan size (and add-ins), and trust me, these things really matter!

Method, Pan Size and Optional Additions

There are a lot of recipes out there that call for blending the sugar and oil, and then adding the eggs one by one. There are many that ask you to blend the eggs til they are thick and foamy and then add the oil and sugar. In both of these cases, the risk is that the sugar won’t fully integrate, leaving a top crust on the cake. My best carrot cake results from the method of blending the eggs for what feels like FOREVER until they are thick and foamy. Then, I add the oil very slowly, followed by the dry ingredients and the carrots. One thing I’ve also learned – if a recipe calls for nuts and raisins but doesn’t say they are optional then the cake will NOT turn out well without these things. If it is listed as optional, you know that you can make the recipe without them. The recipe I used here actually calls for two 9″ pans. I’ve tried it that way, but I think that the cakes bake too thin so one of the changes I’ve made to the recipe is to use 8″ pans. Continue reading