Cookie Cutters!

Many years ago, my friend and customer Leslie reached out to ask me to include individually wrapped personalized cookie favors for her daughter’s birthday party. My only experience with sugar cookies at the time was the very distant memory of making Christmas cookies growing up. It was always the same. My mom would make the dough and chill it and I would try to roll and cut. The dough was hard to roll and it would crack and I would give up. My mom sweetly rolled out the dough for us and then my sister and I would take turns cutting out the shapes. Still, it had been years since then. I’d learned patience over time and Leslie was super excited about having cookies for Bailey. Sure, I’ll make cookies!  Continue reading

Amaretti Cookies

Every time we go to New York City, my family goes to an Italian bakery in Little Italy to buy Amaretti cookies. Years ago I started to just play with ingredients to make them, and each recipe failed. I determined that they must be really hard to make!

Then, one year we went to the city and the bakery was closed for its annual 2 week vacation. We went to every other bakery on the block and no one had the chewy style Amaretti cookies. Some bakeries offered the crunchy ones but we had grown to love the chewy cookies. Continue reading

Chocolate Cupcakes

For years I struggled with making chocolate cupcakes. It was challenging to get the amount of batter for each cupcake correct so I would end up with giant cupcakes, or poorly risen cupcakes more times than not. However, I finally figured out that the method for mixing up cupcakes can really affect the final product. This recipe calls for adding the boiling water late in the process and beating on high speed for a minute. The cupcakes have baked perfectly every time for me. Every time I’ve made them they yield 12 cupcakes. They also work nicely for the mini cupcake size. If you bake them as minis, they need 13 minutes in the oven.

Continue reading