Baby Shower Unicorn Cake

I was on my way out of town for a ski weekend when I received this text from a friend:

Hey amy looking to place a cake order. Wondering if you can make a cake like this.

Then she sent this picture. It was a sleeping unicorn. The picture clearly had you using a horn mold, as well as realistic gold – presumably edible – paint. The ears were glittery AND white so I wasn’t so sure if the ears were even edible? Not like anyone is going to actually eat the gumpaste adornments, but it is nice if they could be eaten.

I spent some time searching for horn molds only to discover they ran from $8-15 plus shipping. Did I really need a mold to make a unicorn horn? I thought not. I asked my friend if it was okay if I free-formed the horn and took some liberties and she agreed. It was a plan! I’d be making a unicorn cake for her friend’s baby shower. Continue reading

Porcupine Cake and Porcupine Cupcake Toppers

I was on vacation when I received an email from one of my customers. She said her daughter would be celebrating her birthday at Cayuga Nature Center and that she loves porcupines. She was hoping to have a cake with a North American porcupine look/theme. Okay … how shall I do this? My mind started turning and I spent some time looking for pictures. A search for “North American porcupine” generated these results. I’ve created a realistic looking tiger cake for Alex for a prior birthday. However, tigers and porcupines are two very different things! A 2D drawn version of a porcupine might end up looking messy. It’d be better to go with a less realistic look but still get the porcupine feel for this porcupine cake. Alex’s Mom said she’d love a porcupine cake and cupcakes with porcupine cupcake toppers! It was time to start honing the details. Continue reading

Vegan Dark Chocolate Cake

I created this cake recipe from one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes. I love that it is so dense with chocolate flavor. I find the vegan version and the regular version to be completely addictive.

You’ll want to have flax eggs at the ready.¬†While I always make this with almond milk and coconut oil, you can use oils and milks of your choice. I really like the subtle flavor that the coconut oil imparts and the thickness of the oil as it sets at room temperature, but canola or another oil will work in this cake, too. Continue reading